MAGRAIN was produced as the extension of acupuncture
treatment. The application of MAGRAIN helps to relieve stiffness and
ache in the neck, shoulder, lower back, etc. MAGRAIN makes an effect
immediately when applied to the correct therapeutic points.
As it is placed longer on the affected area, MAGRAIN may even be more
effective than the real acupuncture treatment
     Basically, MAGRAIN was produced under the spirit of oriental
medical science. Its aim is not merely in lessening the pain but also in
treating originated illness from its root.
     MAGRAIN is a safe product. It is authorized by the Ministry of
Health and Welfare in Japan and has long established a high reputation.

* Where are therapeutic points "Tubo" suitable for applying MAGRAIN?
* Why MAGRAIN is good?
* Are there any side effects?
* Are there any problems in using MAGRAIN habitually?
* Can I take a bath with MAGRAIN on?
* How many MAGRAIN do we need to apply at one time?
* Why does a metallic ball turn black?
* Why does a mark remain on the skin after MAGRAIN is removed?
* Itching
* Why does MAGRAIN sometimes have good effect and sometimes not?

Where are therapeutic "Tubo" suitable for applying MAGRAIN ?
  Meridian points, which are important for acupuncture-moxibustion treatment, are generally called "Tubo" in Japanese. "Tubo" are therapeutic points, known from experience in the ancient China, each of which is linked to and interacted with particular parts of organs and the body.
  When linked parts of organs and the body are in good health, "Tubo"cannot be distinguished from normal skin. However, if you have stiffness, pain, or illness in the linked parts,faint changes appear to "Tubo", such as discoloration, swell, and a decline in electrocal resistance. Acupuncturists can tell patients' condition by examining these changes in "Tubo" and treat them.
  Although experience is required to find the changes, it is not difficult for inexperienced person to select "Tubo" in the follwing procedure:
  1. Select the most painful places you feel when you press your skin that has stiffness and pain or the area that turn reddest when you rub it.
  2. To make it more effective, select one point among the above-mentioned places that you feel especially painful with a matchstick or a toothpick.
  3. When you refer to a diagram of meridians and collaterals, a diagram of "Tubo" in the body, you can select therapeuyic points by pressing around the meridian points described in the diagram almost in the same way.

Why MAGRAIN is good ?
  When a part of your organs or the body is in disorder, "Tubo" linked to
the part shows a change. If you stimulate the "Tubo", the body will
transmit the stimulus to the central nerves and respond to the stimulus
for defense thorough hormone, lymph, and nerves.  Acupuncture,
moxibustion, and finger pressure therapy make good use of this interaction
for their treatment.
  It has been learned from experience that particular parts of organs
and the body are closely connected to and give influence on the particular
"Tubo" (viscero-cutaneous reflex).  Stimuli to the "Tubo" thus influence
on the particular parts and organs conversely (cutaneo-visceral reflex).
Recent studies have made clear the causal relationship of the two and the course
they take.
  When you apply MAGRAIN to "Tubo", the stimuli give effect on the
affected part in accordance with cutaneo-visceral reflex.  In addition to
the stimuli by pressure, MAGRAIN can stimulate "Tubo" by ionic action and iron
oxidization of its metallic ball in reaction to the body fluid much produced
from "Tubo" in change.  As the stimuli of MAGRAIN are continuous,
they have a great effect with no heat and pain experienced in
acupuncture and moxibustion.

Are there any side effects ?
  As MAGRAIN is quite effective against stiffness and pain, some people
may afraid that it might contain some dangerous chemical objects.
A metallic ball of MAGRAIN is made of familiar metals in our daily lives,
such as iron, chromium, manganese, etc. and there is no danger in these
materials.  MAGRAIN stimulates irregularly by ionic action and
oxidization of a metallic ball in addition to the pressure, which prevents
habit-forming of your body and gives unimaginable effect.

Are there any problems in using MAGRAIN habitually?
There are two concerns regarding the habitual use of MAGRAIN:
  1. You may fear that MAGRAIN gradually lose their effect when you use them habitually.
  2. You may fear that by the habitual use you may depend on MAGRAIN so much that you cannot stop using them, feeling that stiffness and pain increase if you do not use them.
  Concerning the first point, it is advisable to change plasters in a short time to keep your skin in normal condition, so the skin can remain sensitive to the stimulation and have more immediate and steadier effect that MAGRAIN provide.
  As for the second point, some symptoms do require the habitual use of MAGRAIN for the treatment. For example, by applying MAGRAIN you can control toothache caused by cavity. In this case, however, you should notice that cavity itself worsens in spite of the relief of the pain. On the other hand, most stiffness and pain around the shoulders and lower back are caused by the deterioration of organicfunction and the treatment for the stiffness and pain is also good for treating the originated cause and illness. Although you can relieve most of the stiffness and pain by the application of MAGRAIN, it is very important to know what the origin of the affection is and the reason for using MAGRAIN-either for the temporary relief of pain or for continuous treatment from its originated causes.

Can I take a bath with MAGRAIN on ?
  Yes, you can take a bath with MAGRAIN on, for sure. When you want to change plasters, take them off when the skin is clean after bath and apply new ones after the skin is dried. MAGRAIN may leave an impression on the skin after use. In such cases, do not scratch and keep the skin clean.

How many MAGRAIN do we need to apply at one time ?
  The number of MAGRAIN depends on symptoms, sensitivity of the skin,
places of the application, temperature, etc. One MAGRAIN is enough if
you can select "Tubo" correctly.  It is effective to apply 10-20
MAGRAIN at 2-4 centimeter intervals when you use MAGRAIN like a
compress for the muscular pain.
  It cannot be said that the number of MAGRAIN decides the effect it
gives. Too much stimuli may make you feel stronger pain and may give
you a sense of exhaustion and sluggishness depending on your condition.
You may have diarrhea when you apply them too much to the lower part
of the body. Take MAGRAIN off at once if you have such symptoms, and
you will recover from the symptoms soon and will be in a better condition.
Most of these symptoms are caused temporarily depending on your
condition at the time.  The symptoms seldom appear afterwards in
repetition even when you stimulate in the similar way.

Why does a metallic ball turn black ?
  A metallic ball turns black when MAGRAIN is applied to the correct “Tubo” (therapeutic points), while there is no change in color when applied to the incorrect places.
  When you apply MAGRAIN and stimulate "Tubo", plenty of body fluid exudes. The metallic ball turns black because it is oxidized in reaction to the fluid. In the process of oxidization, ion and iron oxide stimulate the skin. Sometimes, your skin may swell like a mosquito bite and bleed slightly when MAGRAIN is applied too long.
  The ball that turned black proves the good effect of MAGRAIN on your skin.

Why does a mark remain on the skin after
MAGRAIN is removed ?
   When you have a good effect of the MAGRAIN treatment, you may have a swell and a small mark on the skin where you applied the product.  There are no problems in it, as  the treatment gives the similar effect to moxibustion.  You only need to take care not to scratch the affected area with the fingernail in order to avoid festering. 
   Generally, the swell and the stain will disappear in a few days.  In some cases, however, the color may remain and turn into a spot, depending on the individual condition.  When you apply MAGRAIN to conspicuous parts of the body, it is preferable to change the plaster everyday or to use TITANIUM MAGRAIN, which gives less change in color to the skin.

  In using MAGRAIN you may feel itchy 1) because of skin eruptions caused by plasters, or 2) in the recovering process of the treatment.
  1. Plasters contain LATEX. They may cause a rush on your skin if you are prone to allergies to LATEX. If you feel itchy and have a reddened skin or a swell soon after the application of plasters, you should take them off at once.
  2. The itching you feel 1-3 days after the application, when stiffness and pain are relieved, shows a good effect of MAGRAIN treatment. The applied point sometimes swells like a mosquito bite. It is desirable to disinfect the point and not to scratch with a fingernail for a time in order to avoid festering.

Why does MAGRAIN sometimes have good effect and
sometimes not ?
  Point selection is the most influential over the effect of MAGRAIN
treatment. It is important to apply MAGRAIN to the correct therapeutic
points, "Tubo". You can select the points easily. First, rub or press the
affected area and find a painful and redder place. Second, press the
place with a matchstick or a toothpick and apply MAGRAIN to the most
painful and reddest points.
  The effect of MAGRAIN treatment also depends on whether it is
suitable to a symptom and on the individual physical constitution and
condition at the time of application. On the whole, MAGRAIN treatment
is effective on acute diseases. On the other hand, it takes longer to
treat chromic diseases with the cold and numbness. MAGRAIN gives
effect faster on the sensitive, healthy skin and lower on the paralyzed
skin. Fatigue and excessive use of muscles may cause stiffness and
pain, but most of them may have other originated illness and diseases.