Connections between MAGRAIN and meridian points
  Stiffness and ache in the neck, shoulder, and lower back are
caused by various reasons: fatigue, wounds, internal disease,
disorders in internal secretions, infection with the cold, and inner
strss, among others.
  The sense of stiffness and ache is felt as the connected pains to
the original illness via body fluid and nerves. It makes the particular
skin oversensitive and changes the skin in color and moisture degree.
  These symptoms are called viscero-cutaneous reflexes.
They appear strongly to the particular points of the skin, to wider parts,
or to the whole body. The symptoms often appear most strongly to
the skin on affect areas via short routes. Internals and particular
parts of the skin also interact strongly with each other via long routes,
and the reflexes appear to the meridian and collateral points.
  These reflex points on meridians and collaterals, which are called
"Tubo" in Japanese, are vital in Oriental medicine. 
Connections between particular symptoms like internal diseases and
"Tubo" are more universal than have difference in the individual.
If you stimulate "Tubo" that become sensitive showing discoloration
and swelling of the skin, affected areas are cured via short routes of
cutaneo-visceral reflexes.
It is learned from experience that the stimuli to "Tubo" situated far
from affected areas also give effect on the areas through meridians
and collaterals.

A metallic ball of MAGRAIN
  A metallic ball of MAGRAIN is a special alloy of 1.2 mm in diameter
made from iron (81.9%), chromium (4.2%), manganese, and so on.
If you apply it with a plaster, it has the same effect as acupuncture
and moxibustion. The effect continues intermittently for 2-3 days in
a cutaneo-visceral reflex according to stimulus of pressure and
oxidation of metal. In comparison with material for acupuncture and
moxibustion, MAGRAIN is more than 2.7 times as effective as a piece
of glass and more than 2.3 times a chip of wood.

Points to apply MAGRAIN
  The effect of MAGRAIN treatment is well influenced by the correct
point selection. It is very important to select therapeutic points
carefully as well as acupuncture-moxibustion.
  I'm using MAGRAIN as a compress to stiffess and ache, it is effective
to apply them within 1 cm of the places that turn red when the skin is
rubbed. Since MAGRAIN stimuli are weak at the beginning stage, it is
more effective to apply MAGRAIN after the receptiveness of the skin
is heightened by the stimulation of acupuncture, moxibustion, finger
pressure therapy, hot pack, etc. Generally, MAGRAIN with a ball in
silver, containing zinc and iron, which is easy to ionize, is suitable for
hyper function symptoms accompanied by pain, swell, and fever.
MAGRAIN with a ball in gold, containing copper and aurum, is suitable
for hypo function symptoms accompanied by cold and numbness lasting
for a long time.

The process of MAGRAIN treatment
  Since a viscero-cutaneous reflex heightens the sensitivity of the skin, the skin under treatment gets more effective stimuli than usual. A viscera-cutaneous reflex works when the continuous pressure and stimuli are given to the skin under MAGRAIN treatment.

Habitual use of MAGRAIN
  No decline of effect is confirmed clinically in habitual use of
MAGRAIN. Rather, once you get a good effect by the application of
MAGRAIN, routes to the affected area will be clarified and you will get
more immediate, certain effect. Moreover, it is not confirmed clinically
that physical condition worsens after MAGRAIN is removed. In the
case of applying MAGRAIN for relieving superficial pain, the pain may
appear again till original diseases are healed.

Marks on the skin
  A mark of a metalic ball may remain after MAGRAIN is removed for 2-3 days or for 1 month in a rare case. The ball turns to dark red by oxidization in reaction to body fluid, exuded increasingly around the points of application. Strong stimuli by oxidation make on the skin a mark like an insect bite and a small itchy swelling. This is a proof of the correct application of MAGRAIN on therapeutic points and of good effect. Such reaction is hardly seen on insensitive points.
  The color may remain on the points of application, according to age, individual constitution, and physical condition. If you are easy to react to the stimuli, it is desirable to change MAGRAIN within a day.

Side Effect
  During MAGRAIN treatment, you may feel tired or have diarrhea
according to your physical condition. These symptoms disappear when
you remove MAGRAIN. MAGRAIN is made of familiar metal in our daily
lives, such as iron, chromium, manganese, etc. and does not contain
dangerous chemical objects. If you have a mark of a metallic ball on
the skin after removing MAGRAIN, you need to pay attention not to
fester the place. If you are allergic to adhesive tapes, feeling pain and
itching at the place of application, or if you have a swell and reddish
skin soon after the application, you should take them off as soon as
possible. If you feel pain after you have tried MAGRAIN a few times,
and if a swell is seen only at the point of the metallic ball, you just need
to disinfect and keep the place clean, for it proves good effect of the
  ( If reactive to MAGRAIN, women at the early stage of pregnancy
should withhold the application to "Sanyinjiao (Sp6)" in order to avoid
miscarriage. )