MAGRAIN is a plaster of 7 mm in diameter with a pellet made from
a special alloy (iron, chromium, carbon, manganse, etc.).
It works on the principle of neural reflex caused by a pressure to the
skin in the same way as acupuncture and treatment,
when placed on the correct skin points.
Stiffness or ache in the neck, shoulder, lower back, etc.
to the most painful points you feel when you press an affected
area with fingertips.
at two centimeter intervals to the area where your stiffed or
painful skin turns reddest by rubbing with a hand or a dry cloth.
to the point which becomes redder or more sensitive when you
press the space between the bones right above the backbone with
matchstick around the pain and stiffness, levelly to the back.
to the therapeutic points, "Tubo", by symptoms.
You may use MAGRAIN under the supervision of the acupuncturists.
If there is no improvement, consult your physician.
Change plasters at least every three days. (Latex is used in the
plasters. People who are allergic to it should avoid using MAGRAIN.)