SAKAMURA Lab. & Co. has run the
moxibustion clinic and has mainly treated
asthma in childhood since the early Showa
period by the side of the Lake Midoro-ike,
famous for a water shield and a
community of a protected aquatic plant,
situated in the northern part of Kyoto
City.  We heve accumulated a large
number of data on faint stimuli and their
adoption syndrome here.
  All needles and MAGRAIN are our original made here in the laboratory.
We have several kinds of MAGRAIN suitable for individual needs and
conditions. Recently we have succeeded in making pure titanium pellets
and put them on sale as TITANIUM MAGRAIN for the people who are allergic to metal.
  Although acupuncture-moxibustion for its long history tends to be
regarded as old-fashioned, remarkable technical improvement has
extended its effect and its field of adoption in recent years. We
have divided theway of point selection into types by symptoms and
have attempted to generalize the technique of specialists for the
public use.
  We have now arrived at the completed
stage of our research regarding the method
of relieving pain and stiffness, a gateway to
a Chinese acupuncture-moxibustion.
As for our original purpose for improving
constitution of the body, we have also
reached the stage where we can do it only
by applying MAGRAIN through the analysis
of the therapeutic point selection according
to individual symptoms.
MAGRAIN makes meridian and collateral treatment possible to do easily at home.