Useful information on gTuboh

Effective usage of MAGRAIN according to symptoms is described in the following:

1. Acupuncture-moxibustions and "tubo"
2. "Zusanli" (S36) for a good health and a long life
3. The best cure for a felon is a moxibustion
4. You can find your diseases by stiffness in the shoulders
5. Acupuncture for "false myopia, presbyopia, and eye troubles"
6. A crick in the neck and shoulders
7. "Tubo" are basically situated at the stiff and painful parts
8. Point selection in the most painful posture
9. Travel Sickness
10. Points in the back effective against cold
11. Man's urination trouble, frequent urination, and women's diseases
12. Prevention and treatment of knee arthritis